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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 5, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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delicious. >> i'm not holey. >> you never miss an episode of "the five," set your dvr. "special report" is up next. a war of words. republicans return fire against hillary clinton. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. republicans go on the offensive today after hillary clinton went on the attack calling several potential candidates out by name over voting rights. john roberts is in des moines tonight with more on the roast of hillary's arguments. new jersey governor chris christie never one to take criticism lightly fired back with both barrels today that hillary clinton's charge and
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other governors were disenfranchising voters. >> hillary clinton doesn't know anything about the states that she attacked and she wants an opportunity to commit greater acts of voter fraud around the country. so you know i'm not worried about her opinion. >> reporter: clinton has gone so far as to join a lawsuit in ohio in an attempted to roll back voting laws there. among other things she's calling for 20 days of early voting less than ohio already has, prompting this sharp response from republican governor john kasich. >> an incumbent of the state of ohio and say we're oppressing the vote when new york only has election day and we have 27 days? come on. that's just silliness. >> to some it appears clinton is trying to play the race card in an effort to re-energize the obama coalition. >> today, republicans are systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of american citizens from voting. >> why don't you take care of business at home before you run around the country, you know
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using these kind of demagogue statements. >> this weekend, it's iowa on the minds of candidates. joining the pig roast is marco rubio, rick perry and mike huckabee who all campaigned for earnst as well as carly fiorina and lindsey graham. >> i'm going to unleash the american military and we're going to kick their [ bleep ]. >> the first visit here since declaring for president, again highlighting his foreign policy clarifications to be commander in chief. on that front, he has competition from rick perry who, at every opportunity touts his military experience with gary
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lutrell and hillary scolded the candidate for what he calls commonsense security measures. >> now, hillary clinton may not have had to show an i.d. to get on a plane in a long time she just went into my home state and dipped every person who supports identification to either get on a plane or to vote. >> reporter: rick perry also scored a huge coup here in iowa for clovis to be his chairman. santorum won the caucuses here and tomorrow's roast and ride should provide interesting vigils. scott walker could not get his own here and rick perry on a bike given to him from taylor morris a veteran who lost all of his limbs in an ied attack in afghanistan. bret? >> john roberts from des moines, thank you. the u.s. has big plans for former gitmo detainees known as the taliban five.
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fox news has learned there was a government attempt to recruit them for intelligence purposes one being described as a total failure. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the details of what went wrong. >> reporter: fox news has learned there was an effort to recruit members of the taliban 5 as sets to gather intelligence and to influence their future actions once restrictions were lifted. the men who were swapped for sergeant beau bergdahl in may of 2013 were offered to help the obama's administration to prevent them from returning to terrorism. but the effort was described as a total failure. the white house today offered very little. >> as a general matter this is an intelligence matter i won't be able to discuss from here. >> they were held at the guantanamo bay detention camps for five years where these military reviews concluded they were bad actors and had, quote, high intelligence value.
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for those reasons, seasoned military officers believed the taliban five were obvious recruitment targets. >> we would have definitely tried to work that with these people because of who they are, because of the relationships they had. these are people that had significant senior positions inside the organization. >> a year ago, greeted as heroes where the terms of their confinement, including travel restrictions were recently extended but only on a temporary basis. they are joined in this oil rich nation by some 65 of their families and relatives and the state department sees no additional security risk. >> their presence may increase the ability to re-engage with terrorist networks. >> i'm not sure why that would be the case. it seems like pure speculation to me. >> reporter: a member of the house intelligence committee says otherwise. >> without going into the details of the numbers, they have had access to outsiders who, in turn have had access to the outside and that can't bode
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well for american national security. >> in a statement to fox, a national security council spokesman said "we have relied on extensive monitoring measures and travel restrictions to prevent them from threatening our interests." the guantanamo transfers will resume most likely later this month. bret? >> thank you, catherine. the obama administration released six guantanamo detainees to uruguay. a classified defense department report assessment told a much different story. chief washington correspondent james rosen takes us inside the president's rush to close gitmo before his term ends. >> reporter: when six long-term inmates were released to the custody of uruguay in december clifford
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clifford sloan said "there is no information that the above mentioned individuals were involved in conducting or facilitating terrorist activities against the united states or its partners oral or allies." they were judged quote, likely to pose a threat to the u.s. its interests and allies. in a june 2007 assessment there was a senior explosive trainer for al qaeda, someone with prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and reported associations with senior al qaeda detainee has reported participating in hostilities. >> the information was incorrect. i don't know that to be the case but there may have been. we certainly stand by the information and special envoy. >> the obama administration
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six-agency guantanamo review task force ruled unanimously in 2010 that the uruguay six could be freed but that remains classified. >> so guantanamo bay could be closed down and the administration is deeply committed to that philosophically, there's a cavalier attitude about releasing people who are a very real threat potentially to the united states. >> reporter: when asked how many other suspected terrorists with long rap sheet got a clean bill of health from cliff sloan. >> we are not aware of any additional letters to foreign governments similar to the one that you mentioned. >> reporter: an independent analysis finds that of the 115 gitmo detainees released since president obama took office 71 of them or more than 60% had previously been termed high risk for release by the defense department joint task force. bret? >> interesting story, james. thank you. details of the massive
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computer hacking of the u.s. government. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 31 in denver with residents covering the assessment of the storms in northern colorado, at least 25 homes damaged there. in denver, a bizarre hailstorm pounded a neighborhood with up to 2 feet of hail making it look like snow had fallen. fox 5 in new york with a staten island plumber who won the powerball jackpot but didn't realize it until weeks later. anthony pinned his lucky ticket behind a basement pipe for six weeks before someone told him a winning ticket had yet to be claimed. he says he plans to continue working but relax a little more. i bet. and this is a live look at hartford from fox connecticut, our affiliate there. they are calling for what one man wishing a cat really did get
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his tongue. >> what is the problem? >> the problem is my cat was getting too aggressive and i was inside and then he attacked me and scratched me on the leg and bite me. so me and my wife we come outside and now we cannot go in the home for lining three or four hours. >> and you said this is a cat? >> yeah. >> the police came out and helped get control of the aggressive 7 1/2 pound cat. no word on whether the cat and owner have made amends. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm.
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the president meets with world leaders this weekend amidst some major setbacks abroad from a tremendous and expansive cybersecurity breach. unrest in ukraine and now a possible delay to the deadline for a nuclear deal with iran.
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chief white house correspondent ed henry looks at president obama's foreign policy under fire. white house spokesman josh earnest ducked a question today on whether the cyberattack was from china. there are allegations that the perpetrator stole social security numbers, birth dates and bank information of u.s. government officials which could help get the passwords of american weapons systems. >> regardless of who it is and what their ultimate aim is the administration takes this very seriously and recognizes it as a threat to our national security. >> reporter: officials reveal that the hack at the office of personal management could reach beyond the 4 million employees. since the fbi is still getting a handle of the scope of the intrusion which occurred in december but was not uncovered by u.s. officials until april. and while earnest would not point the finger directly at
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china, he noted president obama has raised the issue of cyberattacks with chinese president xi. chinese officials lashed out at american officials were pinning the likes on them. >> we hope the u.s. can stop being paranoid and make groundless accusations but show more cooperation in this field. >> reporter: the president has repeatedly stressed cooperation with china. ahead of the g-7 summit in germany this weekend with a series of foreign policy headaches, from his inability to stop the cyberintrusions to the possibility of china helping on a specific trade deal legacy item that is now in peril on capitol hill. >> well they've already started putting out feelers about the possibilities of them participating at some point. >> reporter: the president was on the phone today with ukraine president petro poroshenko who
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is pressing the leaders to do more to counter vladimir putin, who still had at least 9,000 troops in eastern ukraine. the counterparts are facing renewed pressure to stop the advancement of isis throughout the mid-east. a top french official warning it may turn out to be useless and spark a nuclear arms race in the mid-east while earlier this week the officials appear to be hedging on whether or not they will extend the deadline yet again. >> is june 30th a firm deadline? >> yes. and what we have said is that after a year and a half close to two years by the time june 30th rolls around we should be able to reach an agreement. >> now, on that cyberattack, there are reports that everyone who has gotten a security clearance in the last few decades allowing them to target specific people here in america with access to serious and intelligence. >> ed henry thank you. mourners gathered today to
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pay their respect to beau biden. he died on saturday from brain cancer at 46. tomorrow president obama will deliver the eulogy at his funeral. today we learned of a second person who claimed to have been sexually abused by dennis hastert. jolene says that steve reinboldt was abused. the fbi has interviewed her about the claims. he died in 1995. hastert has been indicted on bank fraud payments to someone to conceal misconduct. who that person is is still not publicly known. still ahead, the government looks to get more control over the airlines. the problem? the cost could be passed on to you. first higher job. ins for the month but the wall street is mixed today.
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we'll find out why, next, with the fox business update.
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new jobs numbers are out. the economy added 280,000 jobs in may, leaving the unemployment rate virtually unchanged at 5.5%. the unemployment rate at 5.5%. the dow was down today at 56 and s&p down 3 and nasdaq up 9. the s&p lost .75 and the nasdaq finished the week almost flat. here to break it down for us from our officer network diedra
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baldwin. >> hi bret. >> this was a positive jobs report. >> it certainly was. it's the best jobs number we've seen all year. you could say, why does the mark debt respond this way? i will tell you, you have bill w. weighing in and saying listen if these data points imply that the economy is healthy enough for the fed to raise rates, more than likely we will get a fed rate increase in the month of september. and he even said when that happens, markets turbulence will ensue. so a lot of traders moving off that information. and then for consumers, bret i mean listen what the fed does affects us all. when the fed raises rates, it affects every other kind of debt. so for the average person that means mortgages, car loans, everything. you have some traders on wall street responding to that. >> even the national debt too. what stood out to you,
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particularly in this jobs report? >> i think it's always interesting to just go through and find out which sectors are seeing the most jobs added. so you had hospitality, you had health care you had retail. so those are the true standouts. the other thing that is worth noting is that there was an increase in hourly wages. this is something that a lot of economists are paying close attention to because maybe you have a job but if you don't have a lot of earnings power, it does not change whether or not you're going to go out and maybe splurge on something. obviously the more we spend, in theory the better it is for our economy. a slight uptick there but a reason for optimism. >> these numbers don't show how many people have really given up looking for work? >> well that is a great point, bret. a lot of people are focused on the labor market participation rate which you actually mentioned at the top, you still have to go back to the late '70s, early '80s to see this many people who have just quite frankly, given up looking for
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work. so it was a very slight improvement, only about one-tenth of a percent. but still, that is a very narrow victory. bret, back to you. >> diedra thank you. have a great weekend. >> thank you, you too. the price of heading oh an family trip in the friendly skies may not be as friendly to your wallet soon if the epa has its way. the epa is pushing for emissions. this is our regulation nation series. >> reporter: environmentalists say it's among the final industries in its sector unregulated by the federal government. that will change. industry sources and environmental groups say the environmental protection agency will soon begin regulating airplane emissions.
3:25 pm
conservative groups say strict emissions regulations would force airlines to further raise take ket prices or added a more seats to already cramped planes. and they say airlines are already among the most efficient of transportation companies. >> there's not a market failure and airline efficiency and airplanes themselves are already efficient and already getting more efficient each year. >> reporter: that's because airlines and plane manufacturers prioritize fuel efficiency results in higher profits. environmental groups counter needs regulate are tos to realize their potential. >> they could be doing things a lot more efficiently than they are right now and they need a little push from the federal government to extract increased reductions. >> reporter: the epa says american air plinplanes are responsible for 3% of gas emissions. in a statement, the airline industry says quote, as aviation is a global industry with airlines and aircraft
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operators operating internationally and aircraft manufacturers selling their aircraft in international markets, it is critical that aircraft emissions standards continue to be agreed to the a the international levels. yet some environmental groups say those standards are too low and pushing the obama administration to push the standards even higher. this impending epa announcement is only a first step the beginning of a lengthy regulatory process, one that will involve intense lobbying on all sides of this issue. bret? >> rich, thank you. attention walmart shoppers. there's a roll back under way on justin bieber and celine dion. "the grapevine" is up next. ing the first ever gummy multivitamin from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy...
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[ male announcer ] huntsman cancer institute is the only cancer hospital in the world designed by a patient, with the vital understanding that cancer moves fast. and we have to move faster. to learn more or support the cause, go to ♪ ♪ and now some fresh pickings from the political campaign. a letter was addressed dear sir or madam in response to 52 house republicans asking the irs to examine the foundation's tax exempt status following reports that millions of dollars in grants from foreign governments were not disclosed. the form letter thanked them for the information saying the irs continually examined tax exempt
3:31 pm
programs to make sure they are complying with the tax code. one republican was obviously not pleased at the dismissing of the letter. "the irs' response is not acceptable and lacking in the requisite tact that should accompany a congressional inquiry." this is exactly why people don't trust the irs. remember the new hampshire fourth grade class that drafted a bill to make the red-tailed hawk the state raptor only to have the state house reject it after a heated floor debate? well in recent weeks, the red tail hawk has taken up residence on the white house grounds and because of the class' expertise they were called in to the white house to name that bird. here is lincoln. the white house log says they settled on the name for two reasons. a hat tip to the 16th president and a plug for the school
3:32 pm
lincoln ackerman school. naturally, the hawk has a twitter handle already, @lincolnthehawk. finally, walmart is changing its tune. the company announced at a meeting with thousands of store employees an end to the constant loop of celine dion and justin bieber music in the stores. radio walmart ran by a deejay will take over. this will include new cash incentives and a more relaxed it dress code. brutal atrocities by the hands of isis the terror group has executed thousands of syrians and now controls about a third of that country. so are the u.s.-led air strikes doing anything at all to help?
3:33 pm
correspondent john has that part of the story. >> reporter: troops loyal to president bashar al assad continue to battle forces such as the al qaeda-linked al nusra front and then there's isis which controls the eastern and northern parts of syria. human rights groups report that isis militants have executed 2600 civilians in areas such as the province near turkey where 94 people including 20 children were killed during two days of bombing by syria's air force. the loss of life and homes is also staggering when it comes to syria's four-year civil war. 220,000 dead and 9 million displaced, according to u.n. estimates. syria's military has had little impact. isis continues to push further west taking control of the ancient city of palmyra within range of damascus.
3:34 pm
it's the first time syrian's military has lost the city to isis while u.s.-coalition air strikes has helped push isis out, the u.s. is not working with syria's military. instead, supporting rebel forces fighting assad's government and isis. retired major general john allen said the u.s. policy in syria is to help the syrian people to determine their own future. >> however that process unfolds, the outcome in damascus will not include bashar al assad. >> while the u.s. is not supporting the syrian government iran is. militia fighters from lebanon but if the military doesn't strike back they will continue to spread closer to damascus, burning and killing everything in its path. >> john huddy thank you. a failed attempt to turn the
3:35 pm
taliban five. in a controversial release of six gitmo prisoners to uruguay. is this putting the u.s. in danger? our panel weighs in, next. here at td ameritrade, they're always working. yup, we're constantly making thinkorswim better. like a custom screener on your desktop, that updates to all your devices. and you can share it with one click. wow. how do you find the time to do all this? easy. we combined every birthday and holiday into one celebration. (different holidays being shouted) back to work, guys!
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i didn't want to close guantanamo in the first place. i didn't because at that time you'll recall we had a bipartisan agreement that it should be closed. the republican -- my republican opponent had also said it should have been closed. and i thought that we had enough consensus there that we could do it in a more deliberate fashion. >> so that guantanamo bay can be closed down and we know that the administration is deeply committed to that philosophically. there is sort of a cavalier at tut. there is a real threat potential to the united states?
3:39 pm
>> the president has made no secret about it. he wants to close guantanamo bay. how the administration is going to do that is raising some eyebrows. you have the taliban five. these are the taliban senior leaders traded for bowe bergdahl back in 2014. there was an effort by the u.s. government to try to flip some of them to make them intelligent asseed now as a total failure. this is as they are still in qatar and could leave if this deal with qatar falls apart, if you will. the others are the uruguay six. six detainees were sent to uruguay and the state department said they were really not a threat. however, that did not -- they were said that they were a high risk and presents a ris tokk to the
3:40 pm
u.s. and our allies. julie, the president, the administration has been pushing this for a long time. they are getting pushed back now on how and who they are releasing. >> we're at a difficult point for the administration on guantanamo. if the president leaves office and this is still open it's going to be a huge failure for him. it's something that he staked out during the early days of his presidency but the people there are there because it's difficult to transfer them out or we've deemed them necessary to keep them in detainment. so he is looking for all options trying to get creative asking foreign governments to take them swapping five for bowe bergdahl. the challenge is there are a lot of republicans on capitol hill who do not want to see this prison closed and are moving forward with legislation to try to make it harder for him to take the steps that he wants to.
3:41 pm
>> dana the interesting thing about the taliban five that catherine herridge received from multiple sources is they were going to go back to fight with terrorists and yet now we learned they tried to flip some of them and go back to the terrorist fight and be on our side. >> they tried to downplay the danger of these terrorists and upplay the importance of bowe bergdahl who was supposed to come home as a hero and instead it turns out he was a deserter. that's what we got for releasing these five guys. one is deputy minister of intelligence or was for the taliban and another was deputy minister of defense. these are high-level guys. your report tonight showing that they try to flip them shows their intelligence value. they are sitting in qatar and are not allowed to travel but they are surrounded by family
3:42 pm
and friends and we have learned that 65 becomes a bigger ring outside of that. there's a way for these guys to communicate beyond where they are being kept. and the other thing to keep in mind is that the recidivism rate of gitmo detainees is not something to write home about. it's almost 20%. that's almost 100 people. some of them have been out on the battlefield and have gotten field but there's something like 56 on the loose or actively fighting us as opposed to guys like this you are not clear, even if they are being monitored, their electronic communications are being monitored, it's impossible to absolutely trace their tracks and what their impact is. >> charles? >> look i think we have to draw a distinction between the taliban five and the uruguay six. you give up something when you do a swap and you understand the
3:43 pm
risks and consequences and you can argue whether that was a worthwhile trade or not. i think so. david petraeus said this week we had to do it. but the other people have argued the other way. but the real problem is not that. the real problem is the uruguay six of the continual release of people we know are going to come back and haunt us and that is simply because obama has a fixed idea and this idea is sort of a personal commitment because of a promise he made that he has to empty guantanamo. why? does anybody still believe, as obama once did, he probably still does that the reason for the rise in boko haram oral shabab or any of these groups around the world are the ones that libya are agitated because guantanamo stays open? it's a preposterous idea and it's not even a question of the geography. the problem is not guantanamo or holding them somewhere else. it's that we're going to hold them in detention without trial
3:44 pm
forever because the war is on and these guys are not convictable. so in guantanamo it won't change. so i think what we are here we are hostages to a promise obama made to withdraw from iraq as well and we saw how that turned out. it's something he ought to give up and the country ought to insist keeping these bad people under our control. >> julie, the obama administration says they have a six-agency gitmo review policy a task force that has to rule unanimously for these guys to leave and they point out that that has happened here but it's all classified work so we can't see it. but these six guys and this defense department assessment that was pried loose by wikileaks, seemed like bad characters. >> yeah. if you're the government in uruguay or in talks with the administration about taking another group of detainees, you
3:45 pm
may think twice. according to the captain's report that has already happened. because the information is classified we're having to put our trust in the administration and they want us to accept that a six-agency panel is making the right decision. if you remember back to chuck hagel's tenure at the defense department there was a lot of controversy over him sitting on some of these transfers and you have to wonder what he was seeing in classified information that made him slow down that process. >> representative royce, the chairman on foreign affairs, has real concerns about this process. the question is, what happens if they close guantanamo? they are not capturing people anymore, they are killing them with drones. so you don't really have a policy. >> right. the problem goes away when they are killing people with drones. by the way, there was almost some potential for bipartisan agreement with john mccain leading the charge. that was a few months ago. what happened? yemen imploded on this
3:46 pm
president's watch. most of the detainees left and that sort of took away any attempt to broker a deal where some of them might return there. so that's gone by the wayside as well. i don't really see a bipartisan agreement coming down the road at all. >> we're going to follow this closely and keep you updated on who is leaving. next up the lightning round, a round-up of 2016.
3:47 pm
test test test. test test test. test test test.
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today a few republicans are systematically and and deliberately trying to stop millions of american citizens from voting. what part of democracy are they afraid of?
3:50 pm
>> we have 28 days of voting in ohio. her home state of new york is one day. maybe the first thing she ought to do is work on her own state. look, i don't say anything about her emails or all this other stuff but when you start saying that you are going to sue ohio and republicans are deliberately working to deny people the right to voted i'm outraged by it. and frankly one should mine their own store who are trashing other people who have done far better than what they have done. ohio governor john kasich, one of the republicans responding to hillary clinton and her charge that republicans are trying to prevent people from voting across the country. we're back with our panel. a bit of lightning round here first on this voting rights issue. >> there is pretty clear politics happening on two fronts here. one, democrats like to wield voting rights as as an issue puts republicans in a position to defend they stop people from voting.
3:51 pm
awkward position to be in for anyone. two, an issue that is popular for people who voted for barack obama. african-americans in particular. that's a block she will need big support from if she is going to win in general election. >> nina? >> exactly right. pulling a page outs of obama playbook. >> she is? >> that's right. she is. voter id laws to combat fraud are fine. there is nothing wrong with them. they are not discriminatory. and this idea that to extend the voting before election day, there is pros and cons to that. to say that republicans are trying to tamp down the vote is ridiculous but unfortunately it works. >> i saw a lot of reporting how this is a genius move by hillary clinton to stir everything up, to get the base motivated. i did not see a lot of reporting that this is a reaction to softening poll numbers for hillary clinton. and maybe she needs to stir up the base. >> i think it helps her in a lot of ways politically and
3:52 pm
cynically because it distracts attention from all the scandals swarming around her. but i kind of like kasich's outrage because that you know it's his sort of essentially him that is not a manufactured outrage which is so manufactured in washington. he was outraged. he believes in equal rights. he doesn't like being accused of not supporting that i think that was a real good moment for him. >> it's friday, so you know where we head. to the candidate casino. and there are a lot of declared candidates now. 10 of them and many other perspective candidates in coming days. so let's talk about the republican field that's expanding. julie? >> i love the casino, so i have beening to gling back and forth between rubio and walker. rubio at 40 and walker at 30. jeb at 25. not a lot of enthusiasm and momentum but he has a formal launch coming up so we will see if he can gain there.
3:53 pm
saving 5 for cruz simply because i think he is going to raise a lot of grass roots money and that can raise a lot of enthusiasm. >> nina? >> i lowered my bet on jeb bush. the traction is not following the dollars. marco rubio i think is gaining traction. i'm upping my bet on him. scott walker, interestingly took on another target beyond unions, and that is the tenure of university professors. i think that's a brilliant move politically. and will really help him with the base. i gave him more than i have in the past. >> okay. a couple of viewers clayton tyler, first of all, $75 on rubio, $10 each on walker and bush. $3 on fiorna. and then sam hooks charles $25 on rubio. $25 on walker, $20 on cruz and $5 for donald trump vs. charles krauthammer debate. >> i'm going to pass on that last one. [ laughter ] >> i got my top three as
3:54 pm
always. rubio on top walker, bush, trailing and now i have a sort of new thing because you complain about the way i broke the rules last week. so i am looking at the people outside the top tier who have the best chance of jumping in to the top tier. although i don't expect any of them to win the nomination. and my trio are cruise, fiorna and kasich, who i think are the most likely of the pack to make an impression and join the top. >> okay. you can always weigh in online twitter facebook, on the home page. quickly, winners and losers? >> china winner, massive cyber attack on the united states. no response. and then my loser, hillary clinton for the aforementioned race baiting statement she made. i think it's made rather cynically. it's cheap demagoguery yes all candidates do that and republicans in the past have played the race card but it's particularly sensitive issue and i think it should
3:55 pm
be called out any time it's done. >> nina? >> my winner sadly is edward snowden who was able to take advantage of this nsa debate to pose himself as a hero with a "new york times" op. ed. my loser is lincoln chafee who jumped into the race for democratic presidential stakes this week. on reinstituting or instituting the metric system and worse comparing us to burma and libya. >> oh, yes: joy? >> for my winner taking a page out of the charles krauthammer playbook and going with the white house hawkeye, big star at the white house this week. and my loser mitch mcconnell typically seen as a master dealmaker on capitol hill but really surprised a lot of people with his handling of the nsa debate. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned to hear one contender's plan for america. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping
3:56 pm
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finally tonight as nina mentioned, former rhode island senator and governor, lincoln chafee, entered the presidential race this week. he is the fourth democrat to launch a 2016 campaign. as we told you here on "special report." he chose an interesting platform to set himself apart from the pack which got a lot of response on the late night show. >> all right chaffs. hit us with your hillary-crushing vision for america. >> here's a bold and brace of internationalism. let's join the rest of the world and go metric. only myanmar liberia and the united states aren't metric. >> why would you launch your campaign by invoking one of jimmy carter's most notable non-hostage related failures? [ laughter ] >> oh, the metric system. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend.
4:00 pm
greta goes "on the record" right now. is baltimore city states attorney marilyn mosby scaring police from keeping the nation safe? well tonight, "on the record" investigates what's behind the recent violent crime wave. new numbers show may was the most violent month in baltimore since the 90's. 43 murders in may alone. mosby also under fire for asking a judge to block the release of freddie gray's autopsy and other quoted, sensitive documents. just hours ago, "on the record" obtaining this legal document filed by the lawyers representing all six baltimore police officers who are indicted in the death of freddie gray. the police officers' lawyers arguing that the states attorney is orchestrating relentless unfair prejudicial publicity about the defendant. that's the police. and